Hello to all--

Greetings, all: Delighted to have found this forum! I'm probably the only guy I know, : -) who's interested in shorthand. My own shorthand (DJ) is a bit rusty--at one time I had a speed of up to 120 on a good day (nothing too marvelous, I grant you)--but that has slipped badly. I'm currently embarked on reading the Simplified book, and starting to use shorthand for notes and reminders to myself. It is wonderful to find a group who are all keen on shorthand.
Over the years I've fiddled, out of curiosity, with many other shorthand systems, but Gregg is the only one that I ever pursued to any competency--well, SpeedWriting too, at one time, but the prime result of that was to screw up my spelling!
Anyway, this site is a great find, so I consider myself indeed
P.S.--I unintentionally posted this first to the "Anything Goes" page, so this is a duplicate posting. My apologies.

(by sh-ndnut for everyone)