What is the most prefered and widely used Gregg shorthand style?

I wanna learn short hand so that I can write in my journal faster, and get my thoughts down as soon as they pop into my head. I'm willing to take the time to learn...but I'd like to take the time learning the best way. I don't want to start learning one way, and find that it's not the best. When I went to get my first set of new guitar strings, I asked the guy at the counter of the music shop which strings were the best. He gave me an agrivated look and said, "Heck, I donno. Just depends on what you like." I know it depends on the person. Asking which is the best in almost anything is asking a pretty broad question, and we are rarely able to give a solid answer to a question like that, but an attempt at pointing me in the right direction, learning-wise, would be greatly appreciated.

(by jacobguerrero for everyone)