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I'm a 16 year old guy from Denmark. I wanna learn shorthand cos I think it's awesome and I'll work hard enough to aquire at least 100wpm (200 wpm would be my final goal if I've got the skills, which I suppose it requries). I just started learning gregg anniversary a couple of weeks ago and have worked me way through the first chapter of the manual found on 'angelfishy'. I've done a lot of practicing and found the 'Fundamental Drills' on the same site which is - correct me if I'm wrong - supposed to be some kind of 'addon' for the manual. A book only consisting of shorthand writing divided up into sections so you can read Exercise one which should pretty much cover what you've learned in Chapter 1 unit 2 - 4 in the manual. Awesome for practise but what if you just can't figure out what it's saying? There's no 'translation' or anything in the back. Anyway, I've attached the - so far - two outlines which I just can't figure out. First one is the first outline in picture 1. Second is the whole sentence in picture 2.
Please help, and also tell me if there is some kind of 'translation' out there.

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(by jenkied for everyone)