Which Gregg for Journalism?

When I briefly worked as a journalist a couple of years ago, at a small, regional newspaper in the midwest, I was surprised to discover that very few journalists knew how to write shorthand. I'll be getting back into that field next fall so I thought I'd look into shorthand and give myself about eight months to get this particular Gregg shorthand method down. I started just a couple of days ago with the "Gregg Shorthand Manual Simplified" and "Gregg Shorthand, Diamond Jubilee Series, Second Edition."
I got these books from a local community college and started practicing. Then I found the same two books online and got them for about six dollars. However, not until I found this particular MSN group, and had gone through all the posts, did I realize that the Anniversary method is the method more suited to my professsional needs. Is this correct?
If so, which books support the Anniversary manual and journalism needs in particular?
Thank you.

(by redshift0101011 for everyone)