Speed Studies

Hi Everybody,
I have had several "transitional issues" going on this year so I haven't posted much. I have tried to keep up with the site. I'm glad to hear John has finished the Simplified Manual. I have tried to maintain my shorthand progress, but various circumstances forced me to let it go for a few months. Anyway, I have decided to get back at it with renewed fervor, and I am concentrating on the Anniversay books, as I think it is the most learnable and most versatile. (i.e. The Best) I also like that the books are a portable size--fitting easily inta a purse or and oversized coat pocket. I have decided to start with chapter one and take the advice of the author and learn all the principles and movements thoroughly before proceding to the next.
I am fully equipped with 2 copies of the Anniversary manual, the 5,000 Most Used Forms, Graded Readings, Fundamental Drills (online from the angelfishy website) and two copies of the Anniversary Edition of Speed Studies. All these books ore supposed to be perfectly correlated chapter by chapter. So I have carefully pondered, copied, considered and analyzed the information in Chapter 1 (units 1-3) in the manual and 5,000+ and decided to go over Speed Studies as the appropriate supplemental reinforcement and in reading the intros I realize that the book is said to be revised to match the Anniversary method but is still organized into 20 chapters (as for Pre-Ann). This disrupts my neat little plan as Anniversary is organized into 12 chapters which each consist of 3 units.
I noticed that Chuck had mentioned the 3rd edition of Speed studies. I ordered one off Ebay ( I think I got the right one). Will that be organized accordingly?

(by gwriter53 for everyone)