Test your shorthand vocabulary and speed

I found the following letter in a Gregg Writer, and it's full of words that can cause some difficulty. I decided to post it so that you can test yourself. Have fun!

My dear Sir:

Your query concerning the late football games brings up a question that is with us every fall. As a matter of fact, one of the arguments for the change from the monthly to the weekly form of The University News was that the weekly form would make it possible for us to get reports of the athletic events to the alumni at an earlier date.

I should like very much to get this material to our readers more quickly, but there are certain mechanical difficulties that, under our present organization, seem almost impossible to overcome. Your suggestion could only be followed if we were to omit any illustrations or diagrams and run our printing plant on Sunday.

We should also find it necessary to compete with the newspapers in giving a running account of the games rather than a more or less carefully reasoned review; which is the tone we try to give to our accounts of the games. We could not get the pictures back from our engravers in Buffalo before Tuesday or Wednesday morning at the latest, and the expense and trouble in running our plant on Sunday during the football season would be very considerable and might ocassion some difficulty in holding our present force together.

Of course, if this reorganization of our publication schedule extended over the whole year, it might be desirable to try to do it, but I am inclined to believe that, important as it might be to get the reports of the football games to the alumni at an early date, all the physical difficulties involved and the limited resources that we have at present would make it almost impossible, particularly since we should have to give a more or less inadequate review of the game.

Very truly yours,

(by Carlos for everyone)

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