TH difficulties in Anniversary

Hello everyone,
I am a new shorthand learner, and after a failed attempt to buy the simplified book (shown as available, but actually out of stock), started to teach myself using the Anniversary book available on Andrew Owen's website. -- An excellent resource that must have taken many a days work!

After getting near the end of Unit three I decided to "test" myself by writing the practice sections out as long hand, and then after a break converting into short-hand and I was horrified to discover quite how many writing mistakes I made.

The most common mistakes are poorly drawn characters, where a K looks like a G or the 'I' and 'he' circles look like twins, but I also discovered I had misunderstood how TH should be used.

I Initially believed an "arched-to the left" TH and "arched-to-the-right" TH could be used according to personal preference, but see from the examples that "the" is always "arched-to-the-left" and "there" always "arched-to-the-right" -- this may be implied in paragraph 2 of unit 1, but was far from clear to me.

Is this a rule or is it simply common practice?

Curiously I seemed to get the exact opposite in every case, so need to take more care. I do not however have the same confusion when writing THICK or WRATH for example, where the TH seems to flow quite naturally.

Any one else similarly confused by TH, and are there better ways for describing the "arched-to-the" left TH?


(by mbagsh55 for everyone)