Transcription of 1906-1908 Notes

Hi folks,
Once again, someone has contacted me with notebooks filled with shorthand they'd like to have transcribed.  (As usuall, I just don't have the time!)
It's definitely pre-Anniversary Gregg.  I've attached a file of a scan of the notes.
As always, I've warned Greg there's a charge involved.  He doesn't say how many notebooks there are but says, "Hello,   I have several notebooks that belonged to a stengrapher during tha gold rush in Nevada in 1906-08. They are written in shorthand and probably contain important historic text. Is there someone out ther that might be able to transcribe them?
Thanks, Greg"
If anyone is interested in doing this project, his e-mail address is:
I'll let him know someone may be contacting him from this group.

(by shorthandmarc for everyone)