30 August 2005

Learning to Listen Fast

It occurred to me yesterday when I had to play back part of a voice mail message several times in order to write down the phone number tha...

28 August 2005

WHere do I start.

I am new at this and would like very much to learn I started it back some 40 years ago but everything has changed. ( by dee for everyone)...

How do I edit my profile?

Hi.  The only option I see is to view it? ( by beantea for everyone)

24 August 2005


http://www.omniglot.com/babel/index.htm There they have the translation of The Tower of Babel into numerous languages. Under constructed la...

23 August 2005

The Outline for "Think"

Could somebody please scan in the word "think"? I was writing today, and realized this word is really hard to write, so I'm n...

21 August 2005

Interest for Comprehensive Site?

By way of brief introduction, I am a former software engineer and present law student. I kick myself that I did not learn Gregg in school. W...

20 August 2005

Question about PreAnn

Hi friends, Are these the right ways of writing "software" and "hardware" in PreAnniversary? Regards, Osvaldo TO CHUCK p...

Functional Method

Some of you might think it unusual for a Pitman writer to frequent this board. However, I'm learning a lot from all of you--a lot of tip...

18 August 2005

Soroban Abacus

Speaking of esoteric office skills, anyone into the abacus? (by johnsapp for everyone)