Gregg Shorthand Wiktionary

What do the forum members think of adding Gregg Shorthand to the English Wiktionary?  The online dictionary ( has over 110,000 entries.  The S90 dictionary has a little over 30,000 -- I guess it would be a good start to start with those words.  In case there are more than one way of writing the outline (because of different series), one can indicate the series.  For example, take the word "illustrate.",  The contents of the entry in the wiktionary would look like this:
    1 English
          1.1 Verb
                1.1.1 Transitive and intransitive
          1.2  Shorthand
                1.2.1 Gregg
Then, under Shorthand, you would have the entry as:
Perhaps then we could have a reverse shorthand dictionary as well.  Any comments?

(by Carlos for everyone)