Centennial Books

Ok, I've decided to use Centennial for any number of reasons. Please no razzing ;)

Well I should point out that speed is only of limited importantce and I think 70-90 wpm should be within the limits of centennial from what I've read here.

The thing is I just ordered the Centennial 1 college book. But it occured will I need the workbook, or something else to provide the keys?

I've also seen some other centennial books "Gregg Shorthand Dictation : Transcription" and Gregg Shorthand Basic Principles" and last but not least "Gregg Shorthand for the Administrative Assistant"

Are any of these more selfcontained than the college textbooks? Being a self learner and all I suspect I could spend some real dough on these but so far I've found the above centennial stuff for $8-15

Anyway thanks for any advice on these or other Centennial books and yes I know I really should put in the time to learn DJC, Anniversary and Pre-Anniversary etc. :)

(by trbloomer for everyone)