Is there a Teacher Manual for 75 Diamond Jubilee Series

Hello all,
I was recently in a Salavation Army Resale Shop going through their books the other day and found a student text of Gregg Shorthand Diamond Jubilee Series 75 by Gregg, Leslie, Zoubek, shorthand written by Charles Rader.  I remember this book from my High School days back in 1974-75 when I took the class.  The side of the book has the numbers 24591.
I was wondering if there was a Teacher Key or Manual that went along with this particular book.  If there is would anyone know what the number of that book would be or know of someone who has one for sale?  I did look on ebay but didn't see anything.  Are there for sale items ever in this group?
I'm a little rusty and would like to teach this to my children.  I homeschool and think they would benifit from it.  Thanks for your time.
CW from Michigan

(by willysea for everyone)