Gregg Notehand

I'm curious to know if anyone else in this group had experience with Gregg Notehand.  It had a short life span (editions were published in 1960 and 1968), and doesn't get mentioned in descriptions of the different versions of Gregg.

Notehand was my "classroom" introduction to shorthand, in the 1968-69 school year.  It was the first--and only--year the class was offered in my high school, and it was open only to seniors.  I was a junior but signed up anyway, and they let me in.  Notably, the class was about 50/50 male/female, unlike the usual shorthand classes. 
For some reason the Notehand textbook is extremely scarce.  There are a few copies at, but they're pricey, and it hardly ever appears on e-bay.  I still have my copy from high school (the 1968 edition) and a few years ago I found a used copy of the 1960 edition.

(by alex for everyone)