Male Secretaries

Holy cow.
There's an article in the April, 1964 "Today's Secretary" entitled "Man With a Notebook" about men in secretarial jobs.  The woman who wrote it said things that really show how much our world has changed in terms of sexist thinking and language.
To wit:
"Females average $300 to $400, while males begin at $350 to $400.  They felt that this was true because 'men have more stability, and can also handle certain situations more firmly'." 
"Its president feels that men in the office are free of 'sex-linked difficulties', and are immune to the many employment problems presented by women.  Of women:  'When they are young, and presumably 'man hunting', there seems to be constant time lost in visits to the powder room and on the telephone.  Dates interfere.  When they are married, pregnancies, sick children, and unreliable baby sitters contribute to absenteeism.'"
"On the other hand, 'Men can sit down and go to work because they are free to work.'"
"Businessmen gave the following reasons for preferring male secretaries:  'They are not governed by the hour law and may work overtime to the extent needed.' 'Men . . . often exhibit more stability, have better attendance, and display more physical stamina for prolonged periods of work in excess of eight hours.'"
"A man can deal better with men on their own level."
"Men on the whole are less temperamental, more stable, and base their decisions more on facts.  Women can please more . . . "
Etc.  Just incredible.  There's also some discussion about the fact that a male secretary can "travel with the boss" without certain unspecified "problems" occurring.
One of the men profiled worked in my state, and has a telephone number in a nearby city . . . I'm tempted to call him and see how his "secretarial career" turned out.

(by alex for everyone)