Alphabetic shorthand systems?

Anyone here a fan of an alphabetic shorthand system? I love writing systems (one contributing factor in my learning Gregg), and it's always fascinating to see how other people have come up with stenography systems, including ones that are based off the English alphabet.

Recently I gave Shortcut Shorthand a shot, but was disillusioned after discovering how illogical a lot of its stuff was, like every letter having three forms: vowel-before, standard, and vowel-after while I'm thinking "Why not just have a generic vowel symbol?"

The systems popular today seem to be Easyscript, Quickhand, Speedwriting, Briefhand, and some others... they often "boast" of speeds of 60wpm, which doesn't seem like a lot to a Gregg writer, but I suppose not everyone has the time to become proficient and speedy in Gregg.

I'm waiting on some Speedwriting and Briefhand books and was wondering if anyone else writes alphabetic shorthand systems and what they think of them!

Thanks :)

(by erik for everyone)