Another Shot at Shorthand

Hi All,
I'm so glad I found this group. I was bored at work last week so I started surfing the Net and I stumbled upon Gregg Shorthand. That took me back! I remembered back in my elementary years when I found my mom's shorthand books in my closet. I believe they were the Diamond Jubilee Series, Vol. 1, text and student transcript. That book sparked my interest in shorthand and I tried to learn it myself. In addition, I also came to know that shorthand will be a part of my curriculum when I reach my sophomore year in high school. I was so excited! I tried to learn as much as I can from that book but being the typical teenager back then, I got distracted by other things and I said to myself...oh well, I'll learn this stuff anyway in school. But I was wrong and I was pretty disappointed when I became a sophomore and learned that they scrapped shorthand from our curriculum. The school said that it has become obsolete and instead we will just focus on honing our typing skills the entire year. We typed like the point where we can even format and type business letters blind-folded ( was a requirement to pass the course). Thanks to that rigid training I'm a pretty good typist...and I'm kinda glad I learned to type with a manual typewriter because it made transitioning to a keyboard so much easier since the keys are softer and you don't have to press down as much. That really improved my speed. I just wish I had the same training with shorthand. I could've used this skill all through my college years when I needed to take tons of notes. Oh well, I guess it's never too late. I just started learning shorthand again....this time, I'm doing it so I can be more efficient in jotting down notes during our meetings at work. Also, I don't think anybody at work knows shorthand so in a way, it'll make my notes a bit private : )
Anyway, I look forward to interacting with you all and I'm glad that through this group, Gregg shorthand still lives on : )
Dennis : )

(by dennis for everyone)