Jobs which won't exist in 2014

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I thought this was interesting on the CareerBuilder site about secretaries. Do you think--of those who will remain--that they could benefit from shorthand skills?


Jobs That May No Longer Exist by 2014
Kate Lorenz, Editor
While America's job outlook is healthy and many industries are projected to grow in the coming years, there are also signs that some occupations are becoming obsolete.

The majority of the decreases are in office and administrative support and production occupations, which are affected by the implementation of office technology that reduces the needs for these workers, changes in business practices, and escalating plant and factory automation. A majority of the job openings occurring in these occupations will arise not from job growth, but from the need to replace those transferring to other industries, retire or leave for other reasons

Here are some of the jobs expected to severely decline between now and 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Secretaries (Except Legal, Medical and Executive)
How many jobs are in jeopardy: 48,000
Why they're endangered: Automated equipment is changing the distribution of work in many offices. Professionals and managers increasingly do their own word processing and data entry, and handle much of their own correspondence rather than submitting the work to secretaries and other support staff.

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