Yet another Functional Method question

Dear all,
I am a new member, but have been fascinated by shorthand since I was a little kid.  Now I think I have found a site that will have the answers to all my questions!  Here is one to start things off:  I, too, have a set of the Functional Method books by Louis Leslie, and have looked very carefully in them to determine who wrote the beautiful plates, to no avail. In a lot of the books I have, some recognition is usually given to the person writing them.  Gregg Speed Studies, for example, says "Shorthand Plates Written by Astrid F Ramsey, Charles E. Zoubek, Charles Rader."  Before writing this post, I looked at the lengthy thread on the Functional Method to see whether this subject may have come up, but it was not clear whether Leslie himself, or perhaps Zoubek may have been the writer.  Can anyone elucidate me?  Thanks, Jim  

(by jim for everyone)