Forkner, please

Apart from symbol systems, I've always been interested in alphabetic shorthand systems.  I can write the older version of Speedwriting, Pitmanscript (thanks Ian!) and just received from Amazon a textbook on Personal Shorthand (the ABC one).
I have, however, heard that of all the alphabetic shorthand systems, the least ambiguous of all is Forkner.  I've never actualy seen any examples of Forkner and realy realy want to have a go at this system too.  So badly in fact, that I recently dreamt that I finaly got my hands on a Forkner book.
I tried ordering some used Forkner books over Amazon, but those are apparently re-purchased from used book stores and they do not ship to Russia :(
I was wondering if there might be a kind soul out there, that may post an example scan of some Forkner, so that I may at least have an idea of how it looks.  And if somebody actualy has a PDF of a Forkner textbook, well... oh my God!

(by wordsigner for everyone)