Hello, need advice to choose a variant, especially for foreign languages

Hello all,

Great group, wonderful resource. I've learned a lot in an hour, especially thanks to http://www.msnusers.com/greggshorthand/Documents/gregg-shorthand-comparison.pdf But if you don't mind, I need some advice to confirm my instincts of which Gregg version to learn.

The reason why I want to learn shorthand is to handle lecture notes and interviews, which means I've got to acquire a minimum level of speed. I'm guessing that for those application-oriented needs, the best way to go is probably Simplified. Yea or nay?

I'm torn between that or Anniv., but given that I'm often working on existing foreign languages (Romanian and Serbian), reviving old ones (Russian), and occasionally poking around with new ones (Arabic, eventually Swedish), Simplified sounds like it might be the more appropriate memorization load (and less time commitment to brushing up) in my case. Unless there' s strong case to be made for significantly greater speed with Anny?

So, the questions become:

1. Assuming some fairly diligent practice (not quite every day, but most days per week, max of one hour sessions) what are typical to upper range Simplified speeds? Ballpark estimates would be helpful.

2. Relative to the first question, to what extent is Gregg flexible/adaptable enough to handle (sometimes rare) foreign languages? I'm thinking in particular of handling interviews in:

- Romanian (Latin-based language, some regional speakers blaze away at French-type speeds of 180-220 wpm, I think -- not to mention a load of short form pronouns and words that consist only or mostly of vowels, and a number of diacritical markings sprinkled across two vowels and two consonants)

- or, if I can get my own speaking up to speed, Serbian (obviously, Slavic, with quite a few consonants with diacritical markings).

3. How easy is it to convert to Anny from Simplified, if the need arises?

Your collective wisdom is greatly appreciated! :-)

(by wheres_my_thing for everyone)