Gregg Omitted Vowels...Please Help

 I'm a DJS Gregg writer.  I'm trying very hard to learn the system well, but I don't have a teacher, and I'm having a very hard time with one aspect of theory...and it's driving me bananas.  When do I leave out the stupid vowels?  It's not the blended words like "as a result" or "one of the" phrases that are a problem...I can get used to that.  It's common words that are kicking my butt...I can't seem to find anything concrete on why library is l-i-b-r-r-e (no a) and damage is d-j (no a) but college has an e before the j, and pencil leaves the e out between the p-n, but  puts it in between the s and the l.  
The word 'build' has the e in place, and so does develop (second e), but telephone leaves the second e out (t-e-l-f-o-n).  Yet 'original' is o-r-e-j-n-l (why the e before the downstroke on this one?)  It is REALLY slowing me down, because I'm forever trying to think of whether or not I should put in a's and e's or leave them out.  I've tried to decide if it's downstrokes (like the short u sounds) that determine it--but no, that's not it.  I thought maybe it was whether or not the vowel was stressed...obviously that's not the answer either (look at 'pencil').  Could it be that the Gregg system is so quirky and arbitrary that you just have to learn all of these questionable words by rote with nothing to go on theory-wise?  I hope that's not the case.
I once had a shorthand teacher tell me "as long as you can read it, it doesn't matter"...but surely there's a right and a wrong on can't be that everyone just decides for himself if it's write to put the vowel in or omit it, do they?
Can anyone shed some light on this for me?  It's about the only thing that's really holding me back.

(by troyfullerton for everyone)

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