Practice drill sheets

Hello all! This is my first post so I’ll start with an introduction and then move on to my questions…

I’ve got some serious intentions on picking up Gregg short hand. I’m an admin assistant and also a part time massage therapist. The usefulness of shorthand at the office job is obvious but I'm also hoping to use it to make take medical notes; does is anyone aware of a Gregg shorthand publication with an accent on medical note taking?

I’ve also uploaded three documents to the documents section of the site that I was hoping to get some feedback on. I’ve read the first few chapters of my Diamond Jubilee Series (Second Canadian Edition) and done some rough work on my own.

I’m horrible at relative proportions so I drafted up some drill sheets to practice my proportions. Do they look useful for the intended purpose or am I wasting my time. If you have any recommendations I’d love to hear your input.

So to sum up:

1- Medical Gregg?
2- Useful drill sheets?

(by bytowneboy for everyone)

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