Practice tips

Here's an technique I use to practice. Just thought I'd pass it along.  Maybe others use it also.
I use flashcards, one side has English, one side has Gregg.
I spend some time looking at the Gregg and making sure I can translate it, then spend some time looking at the English and writing the Gregg. 
If I miswrite the Gregg, I right the word or phrase over and over for at least one line, maybe two if I've really botched it.
I keep three separate piles. 
Group 1: words I know i know.
Group 2: words I'm pretty good at, but might miss or mistroke occasionally (such as making the 'r' stroke too long. 
Group 3: words I totally don't know or constantly mistroke
I spend most of my time group 3, some on group 2, and just  make sure I review group 1. 
Does anyone else have any practice tips? It's always good to know what others are doing, get a good ideas from others.

(by blondcherokee for everyone)

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