Advice for new Gregg'r

Hi Gregg Forum,
     First off, let me say thanks to everyone who contributes to this group as it has been a great resource to me over the past weeks. I especially enjoy the discusssions about learning Gregg, and about male secretaries, as I work as an Admin. Asst. at a middle school.
     For a challenge (and to increase my skill set) I have been practicing Gregg for about 2 months on my lunch break at work and at home. I am using an old book from the Functional Method and I think it is great - though my own writing is understandably illegible right now. I still haven't got to the chapters where you get to write for yourself.
     I have heard of people doing dication practice with sheets and recordings - can someone give a quick explanation of exactly what these dication sheets are and where I could get a set. I'm not ready for dication yet but it would be nice to be ready when I am.
     Thanks to libraries good learning materials are easy to find, but this group helps fulfill a different need - motivation to keep working on Gregg. Thanks!

(by floydilian1 for everyone)