The Gregg Writer

After doing some thinking I’ve decided that I’d love to have a go at putting together an issue like The Gregg Writer. I’m working under a bit of a handicap in that I’ve never actually seen a copy of The Gregg Writer but I do have some experience in publishing. For the first issue I will not be picky. If you submit it, I’ll do my best to publish it! As this project progresses to later stages I may ask for editorial help. Please feel free to redistribute my, mangled, contact information to others for the purpose of soliciting submissions.

I have no intention of profiting financially from this project in any way.

Ideas for submissions:
 A few notes on submissions:

Please send submissons to: 
davidson( d0_t) richard (a_t)rogers (d_0t) com 
Omit brackets and interpret words. 

Best regards,

(by bytowneboy for everyone)