29 July 2006

Contemporary Shorthand

I don't know if anyone's picked up on the listing for Contemporary Shorthand on abebooks (reproduced below). It sounded interestin...

28 July 2006

Unusual Anni Outlines

I'm wondering if someone might add an image or a link (or just eloquent explanation) for the following Anniversary outlines. I know the...

25 July 2006

Direction of "Why", "Eye", "Eyes"

I'm posting this just in case I'm not the only one (and I hope I'm not). "Why" is written counter-clockwise, apparent...

23 July 2006

The facility of this symbol..

This message has been deleted by the author. (by nonpop for everyone)

21 July 2006

Information about the Polish Gregg

Hi! I've seen Gregg for Polish been mentioned here and in a few other places but I haven't got much information about it. I'd ju...

Gregg Omitted Vowels...Please Help

 I'm a DJS Gregg writer.  I'm trying very hard to learn the system well, but I don't have a teacher, and I'm having a very...

19 July 2006

Shorthand comparison chart

Hi fellows, Here's a nice shorthand comparison chart with the Lord's prayer. Enjoy it! http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons...

13 July 2006

"Expert" Diamond Jubilee?

Hi, everyone!  The version of Gregg that I learned was the DJS, but I always have had a fascination with what came before it and how the s...

04 July 2006

John Sapp

(by johnsapp for everyone)

Shorthand Crash Course - Help!

 I am a teacher in Nunavut, at the Arctic College.  Another Nunavut organization has asked me to offer 5 days of instruction in shorthand....

Caligraphy, or shorthand made easy

Has anyone ever heard of Anthony Malone and his verbatim reporting system, Caligraphy? I'm hesitant to order a copy less I discover ano...