Endings/Beginnings Study Aid

New study aid in the documents section:


It lists all the 1916 analogical endings and beginnings as headers, preceding sections with every matching word which occurs more than twice in the Brown corpus. The matching words are sorted in descending order of frequency, from left to right, prefixed by their number of occurrences in the corpus.

The idea here, of course, is that a student can efficiently practice them by rote as they occur most frequently in standard language (that's what the Brown corpus is supposed to represent).

For me, the endings and beginnings were the heavy lifting of 1916, and I used this list to good effect; so I've been meaning to post it for a while. I did *not* create it by hand! I just wrote out the 39 endings/beginnings and then let a little 6-line computer program do the rest of the work.

The funny symbols you see mixed in with the word-group headings are regular expression notation, required for more logically precise word matches. Exceptions still slipped through, as you can see (ex., "cognac" is the only word for the "cog-" beginning with >2 frequency, and it shouldn't be there). I hope the notation isn't too irritating to read through; I haven't yet bothered writing the extra code to make them more readable.

(by routine-sibling for everyone)

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