Gregg Fountain Pen

If anyone is interested there is a Gregg Fountain Pen up for bid on eBay - the seller thinks it is a Waterman's.  The starting price is $49.99 or thereabouts - I didn't really pay that much attention to it but I think I remember someone(s) asking if anyone knew where one could be found, therefore....
Have a great weekend everyone.  My power is finally back on after the ice storm - yea! so I'll read up on the messages this weekend.  And no I did not practice my shorthand while the power was out.  I couldn't locate my oil lamp and trust me, writing by candle light just doesn't work for me.  I finally found a coleman lattern for sale that runs on batteries but I was too stressed at that point to even read a book.  Now some of that stress may have been having my mother stay with me - her power was out too.  Thank goodness I was able to get my gas fireplace working -  all of the hotels that had power were booked fast.  Three weeks without electricity really brings home how much we depend on it.  So everybody say, poor baby, and hope you never have to go through that yourself.  Take care...Joanne

(by joannek_1 for everyone)