RSI thread ?

hello -- I noticed somebody posting about having repetitive strain injury (RSI)..... that is the reason why I am interested in learning shorthand too. I have to take a lot of manual notes so I wanted to try and figure out ways to relieve the stress of that on my arm. It makes me wonder how many people turn to shorthand because they start developing wrist arm and neck problems like carpal tunnel and RSI...... are there a lot of people here in that position?

In case there are people in the same situation as me and not knowing if you have had this kind of discussion in the past I thought I would share a few of the things that I'm doing to try and help relieve the arm difficulties:

First of all I am writing this post using voice recognition software. The version I have is Dragon NaturallySpeaking preferred, it is real easy to learn.
What I have also done is to add workrave software to my computer. This software is a free download, you can just Google for it and it will monitor your typing activity and interrupt you to tell you to take breaks or show you some exercises you should be doing.
The other thing that I am doing is seeing a physiotherapist. She is practising Myofacial release on the connective tissues in my neck.....apparently a lot of these so-called arm problems stem from the neck. It is not something you can really correct by massage or chiropractic adjustment I am told.

So that's the history of why I am looking to learn shorthand! I hope I did not detract from this site by mentioning these things.

(by sarahwarmly for everyone)