does series 90 deserve its bad rap

My subject title is somewhat rhetorical having read the commentary on series 90's limitations. But I have specific, serious questions and reasons for asking. I, like most of you, am amazed at the speeds of the earlier and more difficult versions. I also decided that the most sensible version for me would be the DJ for the typical reasons. However, becoming ever more realistic about the amount of time I have to devote and how fast I really need to go makes me ask whether I should focus on the S90 as it seems to be aggreed to be the easiest! I know, blasphemy, (from what I can tell) to you all-- does anyone not feel negatively towards this version? Here's what I wonder: Could a more easily won success with this version equal-- for time spent --a lesser success with a more difficult one? And, perhaps more importantly, it seems that the more 'written out' Gregg is the more easily it is read later. I would like to be able to write things (never transcribe them) and still be able to readily read them long after the fact. So wouldn't a version that differentiates words moreso be better for that as I'm given to believe S90 does? Or would I be misjudging how much easier S90 really is as a tradeoff for speed-- are the tradeoffs proportional? And how much more readable is S90? Perhaps someone who has enough experience with both could help me weigh these things. Another idea I had was to try to incorporate something in an early Gregg book I have to the DJ or the S90 version. It has little diacritical marks that indicate vowel length if I remember correctly. I wonder if this would help me in my goal of readability in whichever of the newer versions I focus on. Thank you in advance for your input! :)

(by dockdweller2 for everyone)