Unfamiliar words in dictation

What do all of you do when you run into unfamiliar words in dictation? I notice that even at 60wpm, I totally flip out, make some vague scribble that's always wrong, and then end up so behind I have to start over.

For example, I'll be going along just fine: "I trust that you will have made the appropriate..." and then boom, "accommodations" I'm lost and write some weird "akmsh" thing only after trying to figure out how to write it for a good second or two, which puts me behind. And if more unfamiliar words crop up, all hope is lost, and I end up at least 10 words behind and have to stop shortly thereafter. It's really discouraging!

Is there any particular technique to overcoming this? I'm sure it's impossible to have every word always on the tip of your pen, but there must be some trick to getting it down and staying on time anyway.


(by niftyboy1 for everyone)

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