I'm on lesson 48 of 70 in Simplified Manual


I started learning about 2 months ago, just as a hobby. I can't imagine using it at work. I'm a computer programmer, and I just needed a hobby that didn't involve typing or looking at an LCD or CRT.

Gregg is pretty fun! I'm glad I chose it instead of gardening or something.

Why is it that the hints in the margins are always for the words that are totally obvious to me? And the words I get stuck on are never in the margins? ;-)

Real question: the book tries to give the reader a lesson on commas. It's not clear whether, when taking shorthand for real, I should write little commas in circles everywhere they appear in the book. I think the answer is no, but I just want to double check.

Also, I really like the Uni-ball Signo GP 0.5 mm pen for writing shorthand. Its gel ink is just right. I tried Pilot's Varsity fountain pen, but the line it lays down is too thick for me.

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