Anniversary: omission of "oun" in "count"

Hi all, I've been foraying into Anniversary after four years with Simplified, and have a question that isn't addressed in the manual. In words like "count", "account" etc, the "oun" is omitted. In Simplified, it's included.

I know of the rule of omitting "ou" before n/m in the body of a word, but I can't find omitting the whole "oun" anywhere, even though I'd been writing "k t" out of laziness before I delved into the Anniversary manual.

Where in the manual is this rule and if it isn't laid out specifically, does it only apply to "count" or other "oun"s too? I seem to recall "bound" being written just "b n" but the n is still there!

Thanks for any ideas :)

(by niftyboy1 for everyone)