Anniversary: r principle (r omitted)

Hi guys! I've been trying to get a hang of the r principle and seem to have it at least understood, though I'm not sure when to omit the R with no representation of it even being there (like "large").

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to notice a few patterns in that rather large list of words (at least I hope so!). I notice the R omitted altogether in:
1. the rules left in Simplified, like -ort, -turn/-turm
2. between a forward and a downstroke, where reversing the circle would be difficult to keep legible (large, nervous)
3. with an S before curved downstrokes, where switching the direction of the circle vowel would be really sloppy and unreadable (surface, surprise, certain, circle; but not "search" since it's a straight downstroke)
4. with O in general since it can't be reversed (border, endorse, orchestra)
5. tern/dern, replaced with "tn"

The only word I can't place that's in that list is "firm", since I'd've thought it was in the same group as "charm" and "burn", between a downward character and a straight stroke.

Let me know if these are even rules I can rely on (i.e. they aren't riddled with exceptions), and if there are others maybe!

Thanks for your input :)

(by niftyboy1 for everyone)

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