Anniversary Writer Tempted to Learn 1916 Version

I was tickled to discover the existence of this group. I took two years of Shorthand (Simplified) back in 1958 and 1959. At the library I discovered Anniversary material and independently began to write Anniversary using the Manual and Speed Studies (Third Edition) in tandem. I used shorthand as an Executive Assistant for several years taking notes of meetings but since 1973 had not used shorthand except to take personal notes. In the process of moving, I ran across old steno pades and, to my surprise, could easily read my notes. I dug out the old texts and could not find my copy of Speed Studies so ordered it on line. What showed up but the First Edition (pre-Anniversary). Surprisingly I could easily read it so downloaded the 1916 manual and plan on (for fun) going through them methodically. The 1916 edition is not nearly as complicated as I had believed it to be!

(by jrganniversary for everyone)