New Starter - Anniversary or Simplified?

Hi all, I wonder if someone could advise me on which version of Gregg to go for.  In my work, I am required to interview people, then type up a report of the interview later.  Generally, the interviewees are v.intelligent and speak quickly.  I am not required to give a verbatim record, but would like to be able to record most of what is said, and verbatim for "the important bits".  I found a "Simplified" version of Gregg in an old box and wondered about trying it.  Of course, the Angelfishy website then introduced me to Anniversary etc... 

The question is which would be the best for my needs?  I don't have lots of free time, but am very keen to learn (and to teach my four young children in due course - I was taught to type properly as a child and it was one of the best skills I learned!).  Is it worth the harder work to start with Anniversary, or should I start with Simplified and then "graduate up" to Anniversary later?  
This may be completely the wrong question to ask, but just how superior to Pitman is Gregg?  Should I even consider "the other one"?  Hope that didn't hurt too much to even suggest it ! :-)  Please remember I'm a newbie, so such ignorance I hope will be excused.
Many thanks all

(by island_dreamer4 for everyone)