Quiet group . . . and Gregg facsimile

Seems like things are quiet here in the shorthand world recently. 
Here's one funny bit of news:  Several years ago I was lucky enough to find a copy of the 1931 reprint of the 1893 first Gregg shorthand booklet (several of you have gotten the scanned file from me).  I always assumed that was sort of a "once in a lifetime" fine--1500 copies of the facsimile were printed, in a flimsy paper booklet format.  How many of those are likely to have survived until now?
Well . . . a few weeks ago I stumble across another copy, bundled together with a copy of the anniversary manual (signed as a gift by Dr. Gregg) for under $20.  Moment of surprise--then hesitation--then sold.  Who would have ever thought a second copy would turn up. 
I'm actually glad to have it, because the cover of my first copy has weakened after a couple of trips through the scanner . . .

(by alex for everyone)