The "What the heck is that outline" thread

I thought it'd be a good idea to have a place for learners to post their SOSes about outlines they just can't figure out, rather than having a random outcropping of threads here and there. All editions welcome! Please include book, page, and sentence to help us figure out where to look :)

I have three mystery outlines, all from the Fundamental Drills in Gregg Shorthand (Anniversary) book.

1. Exercise 34, page 114, 3rd line up from the bottom. Sentence reads: "We can be with you to act on the finances committe t-e-ss-det your name."
2. Exercise 36, page 120, second line: "Our k-s-e-n adressed and mailed hundreds of beautiful greeting cards a day or two ago." (not "cousin" which is "k-us-n")
3. Exercise 36, page 121, middle of the page: "Sooner or later, your kr-e-s-nt-s will write you in regards to the matter." and again a little farther down: "I do not believe your kr-e-s-nt has suddenly changed his mind about your bid".

Thanks for any help.

(by niftyboy1 for everyone)