Hi from Simplified beginner

Hullo everyone! 

Oh, how thrilled I was to stumble upon this site!  (Via the gregg.angelfishy site, thanks!)
I was starting to feel very alone in my studies, but now I know that at least 800 people here share the same interest, so hurray!
It was in January that I happened to see an epi of CSI:Miami, where the murder victim was a reporter, and he had notes on him written in shorthand, and the CSIs were trying to decipher them as a lead in solving the case.  The expert had them blown up on a screen, and was saying something like "I can't
quite figure it out, it's not Pitman or Gregg..."
And I suddenly remembered I'd bought some kind of shorthand textbook in my college days, and I rummaged in my bookcase and there it was, "Gregg Shorthand Manual Simlified Second Edition" with "shorthand written by Charles Rader" (oh so beautiful!), and I started browsing through it, and I was instantly hooked.
I don't know what it was about it, the beauty of the logic?  Encountering a new "rule", I'd be sceptic at first, but once I got used to it, it all made such perfect sense.
I have since learned here that there are several different versions of Gregg, but I think I'll stick with Simplified for now.
I started writing my diary in Gregg a few months ago, and I am at the stage where the jumble of strokes are starting to LOOK like words, and though I still need to consult my dictionary quite often, I don't think I'll ever handwrite something entirely in longhand again, at least for myself.
My longhand is sadly illegible, especially when I'm in a hurry, which is why I usually type everything, but now I actually enjoy writing with a fountain pen.
Such a beginner am I, but I hope I might be a contributive member some day.
This site has been such a help to me, so thank you all, and happy Gregg Shorthand Day!
(Which it is today, in US time, right?)
P.S.  I was wondering if that scene from Miami wasn't a goof, because the expert started deciphering and reading the shorthand notes, and half way through, she goes like "Oh, now I see, he's a lefty, so he's writing from right to left."  Now how on earth was she able to read it if she hadn't realized that from the start?? ...though maybe I missed something.  A shame I didn't tape the show, it would have been interesting to see if I could read it, I seem to remember it was curvy and loopy so it might have been Gregg...

(by martha707 for everyone)