pens, temperature-barometric pressures for?

(by harpersnotes2 for everyone)

   If I slightly warm up a pen (leaving it in sunlight for awhile perhaps), ballpoint or felt, will

the pen glide more easily across the page? (Less handcramping.) (Just jumping in- I don't

read all the posts.) Similarly with mechanical pencils, but there the leads would likely snap.

So what about regular old wooden pencils? (Say HB 5? Versus the usual HB 2 hardness.)

Just some musings. Is "standard room temperature" always best?

  A different issue- barometric pressures... When traveling across the country my pens

often leak, apparently from going up into the mountains where the air pressure is less.

I haven't taken a plane trip, but to the extent air cabin pressure is not maintained for sea

level there may be effects there as well? Or maybe it's just coincidence...

  Richard Harper

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Just amazing to think about the kind of technology that went into all these Gregg shorthand publications.

Do you know anything about that mysterious cooked ink?  Did McGraw-Hill buy it that way, or did they buy some other kind of ink and cook it?  I've never heard ink described that way before. 

I wonder if the switch to a felt marker was because the special ink and paper were no longer available . . . calligraphers face some of the same kind of dilemmas, as do people who write with fountain pens to some extent (you sure can't buy fountain pen ink at Wal-Mart!)


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