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Hello All,
I hope it is clear that I joined this group because of my family history (Astrid Ramsey, platewriter), and not for the purpose of selling books.  However, it just happens that this morning I walked past my Business section and spied the following 3 books lying on the edge of the shelf, virtually shouting at me!  So in case anyone's interested, details below.  Shipping is $5 per order.  All are in Very Good condition.  We accept credit cards, checks, or PayPal.
TAQUIGRAFIA GREGG, 1949.  Has owner's name and a few pencil notes.  Others on the Internet run from $45 to $63; my price is $25.
Rupert P. SoRelle and Charles W. Kitt, WORDS: Spelling, Pronunciation, definition, and Application.  2nd revised edition (1929).  Gregg Publishing Company.  Includes about 50 pages of technical vocabulary in about 50 industries.(Not in shorthand)  $12.50
Emma B. Dearborn, SPEEDWRITING, The Natural Shorthand, with Study Guide, [1937/1938]  Apparently the first volume of the series.  [Obviously not Gregg, perhaps a philistinic concept, but perhaps of interest.  At least it's cursive!  I have talked to students recently who reported they were not even taught longhand in school, but were taught to print like a computer or a book; they found it difficult to read cursive writing.  What is the world coming to????]  $20.
Best Regards,
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