Shorthand Journey Begins

A few times in my life, I have come across individuals taking notes in shorthand. It was fascinating to me as it appeared that they were merely making doodles. But these doodles, which were completely unrecognizable to me as any form of written record, were so beautiful and elegant. I was mesmerized. Time passed by and although my desire to learn shorthand never waned, I mistakenly assumed that there was no way for me to learn this forgotten art.

This changed for me on May 31st, 2007. While on vacation, I perused the shelves of a used book store and I came across a book entitled “Teaching Principles and Procedures for Gregg Shorthand.” I was momentarily elated until I opened the book and found not one example of shorthand. Once again my mistaken assumptions were affirmed and my elation was short lived. But if one shorthand book existed in this used book store, than perhaps more books existed as well. This time I was not disappointed as I found several books on Gregg Shorthand including Pre-Anniversary, Anniversary, Simplified, and Diamond Jubilee editions. I purchased all of them for under $10.00.

Since that time, I have voraciously scanned ebay and AbeBooks for new additions to expand my shorthand library. My wife gave me looks like she thought I was crazy, but I didn’t mind. Next was my search for websites related to Gregg Shorthand which led me to this group and to the other sites discussed throughout this forum. I am thrilled to be a member of this group and to have the opportunity to learn what I think is the most beautiful method of pen stenography.

Thus begins my shorthand journey and I am steadfast and unwavering in my goal.


(by rdd331 for everyone)