Taquigrafía Morma

Luis Morales Matus created a new shorthand system for Spanish language, and the method was published in 1926: "Curso de Taquigraf챠a Superior".

First, Morales used Marti's shorthand system when he applied for a position in Chilean Representative Chamber, but he didn't get success in the contest. Then, he decided to create a new system that he called "MORMA". He applied again using his system, and he got the position.

The system is based on the cursive writing, following methods such as Gabelsberg system.

I was dissapointed because for consonant combinations (tr, tl, dr, gr, gl, kr, kl, fr, fl...) he uses thick strokes.

I have the whole book in scanned images: 155 pics (86.8 MB)

If anyone is interested in, please contact me through email, and I will send them.

Osvaldo Castro
(aka VALO)

(by valo1969 for everyone)       

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