Abbreviation at the sentence level

I think I saw something like this in some of Swem's notes, but can't find it again right now. Anyway, what about this?
Q: long two of married? (How long have the two of you been married?)
A: twenty (Twenty years.)
Q: would say been happily? (Would you say you have been happily married?)
A: yes would that (Yes, I would say that.)
Q: line of in? (What line of work are you in?)
A: own grocery (I own a grocery store)
Q: long been line of? (How long have you been in that line of work?)
A: twenty (Twenty years.)
Q: long mr jones for? (How long has Mr. Jones worked for you?)
A: 18 (Eighteen years.)
Q: found reliable person? (Have you found him to be a reliable person?)
A: yes

(by ukulele144 for everyone)