Hello - I'm new here

Hi, everybody - Just signed up and here's why:
About a month ago I was talking to a local Voice Writer about possible transcription work and only found out by accident that she knows several pen writers.  I was astounded that such people still existed, and she also put me in touch with one.
Then I stumbled onto this site last night from Andrew's great Gregg site and happened to hit the thread that reveals that there are still many pen writers out there, especially right here in Mississippi where I live.
I am 61 and learned Gregg - just the alphabet - about 45 years ago, then, got a used GREGG SHORTHAND MANUAL SIMPLIFIED about 12 years  ago at the Salvation Army and went through it studiously.  Also got GREGG SHORTHAND FOR THE ELECTRONIC OFFICE  sometime later.
When I found out people were still officially using Gregg in their reporting work, I started to wonder if I could do something similar.
I'm also  working on Personal Shorthand and EasyScript since both are purely alphabetic, can therefore be typed, and either using the Autocorrect wizard of Word or software such as ComputerScript, the abbreviations can be translated to produce a full-text transcript on the spot.
So - here I am, hoping for morale support, etc.  Already got a real lift from finding the Group at all!

(by ukulele144 for everyone)