In the "Speed Records - Pitman vs.  Gregg thread I spoke of having trouble with uniform stroke lengths now that I'm trying to get faster.
What I thought justified a new thread is that I'm actually probably having more trouble with connections.  Familiar connections flow quite smoothly, but a word that is even ordinary and familiar in handwriting can really catch you off guard with the
Gregg alphabet.
It seems to be mostly because of the choice between comma and left S or over and under TH, sometimes, too, with how to place O and OO.
"Whistle" is easy to write: OO-E-S-T-L, but "whisper" is a real challenge to me: OO-E-S and then the S seems to get lost in the P.  You have to use comma S, but I get a messy curve from that into the P.
The upshot of it to me is that instead of practicing  new words open-endedly, I wish I had a list of "different kinds of connections in Gregg."  I guess I should just make up one myself, but I haven't gotten very good yet at anticipating what Gregg connections are going to come up with different words. As I said, it's not letter combinations per se, but the two choices in each case with S and TH.  I decided that this is part of the reason I was getting my stroke lengths messed up - probably because of making the S's and TH's too big for clarity's sake and then having them look like P's and F's or even like the NT or TN, TM blend. Isn't that wild?!

(by ukulele144 for everyone)