Hello all

Hello all,
I've enjoyed reading all the posts but just haven't had too much time to write to you all.  I studied shorthand in high school and college (Series 90), I didn't take to get fast at it, I mostly took it so my nosey brother couldn't read my journals, lol, plus being a typical young female I wanted it to look nice when I wrote.  I think like with most of us,  life happens and it all got put aside.  In the mid-nineties I dug out my old college book and started working on it again, but unfortunately I left it in my truck and it was stolen!!  Then this year I got interested in it again and bought me some books and started working on it again.  I was amazed about how much I could still read after years of not looking at it!!!  I bought the Centennial Edition which is closer to what I had originally learned and am really enjoying re-learning an old but wonderful skill.  I do have a question though, I've scanned the first book and was wondering where I could post it in case others would like to have it as well?  It's Gregg Shorthand College Book 1 Centennial Edition I know how expensive these books are (even used ones) and I thought if anyone would like to have it and save themselves a little money I would gladly share my copy of it and plan to scan my other two books as well.  Anyway thanks for allowing me into this great group and I hope we all will continue to enjoy our passion for shorthand.
Tommie  :o)

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