Jury Charge from 1913 - Andrew's site

The  jury charge reproduced on Andrew's site was used in a contest in 1913 and dictated at 240 wpm.
"gentlemen of the jury" is rendered by JENT(blend)-J
"the plaintiff" is rendered by OVER TH-P
"from the defendant company" is rendered by F-M-OVER TH-D followed by disjoined K
"a car of the defendant" is rendered by A(dot) CR D
"damages"is rendered by D-S
What this means is that even though 240 words may have been spoken during a minute, significantly fewer than 240 were written down.
It also means that an extreme degree of abbreviation was necessary for the high speed court reporting of that time.
I have been falsely assuming that I should just practice "what I am doing except faster".  In reality, unless the above-cited degree and kind of abbreviation is sought and achieved, high speed is never going to result.
It also seems to mean that the Pitman writers accused of lying were not guilty after all.  In their reporting venue where specialized, conventional abbreviations were used, they did in fact capture material dictated at 280 wpm, and/or they never actually wrote down that many words to begin with.  When tested with material outside their work venue, they got 165 wpm which sounds like a lie compared to 280, but then nobody, including Gregg writers, ever actually wrote down that many words in the first place.
Things can apparently be very misleading.

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