A gentle reminder about posting rules

This note is to remind users about the two rules of the group and explain what is meant by them.
To preserve the Gregg Shorthand Group's fertility as a greenhouse for diverse ideas, the only requirement is that posts are (1) relevant and (2) kind.
What do we mean by relevant? Posts in the General section are those that are related to Gregg, as there are plenty of places on the Internet to discuss non-Gregg subjects, including our own Anything Goes section. Examples of topics suitable for the General section include: questions about Gregg Shorthand theory (including the now infamous "what the heck is that outline" post), announcements about Gregg-related websites, questions about how to study Gregg (for example, which books are required, length of time of study, etc.). Basically, if it the topic has the word Gregg in it, it is most welcome. The Gregg Shorthand Multiply Group is a place to talk about Gregg, so let's keep its content relevant for those interested in the subject. If a topic started being Gregg-related and ends up being off topic (whether Gregg-related or not), we will ask the last poster to open a new topic, either in the General section (if still Gregg-related), or in the Anything Goes section (if not).
Regarding posts being kind, this rule should not be misinterpreted to mean that heated disagreements are forbidden. On the contrary, if the group is to be of any academic value, they are much encouraged. The important thing is that posts not attack other members, only their ideas. So, it is important that a member provide evidence for and explanation of his premises when tensions are high; not simply say "that's wrong." Even if one disagrees, arguments can be phrased kindly -- people can agree to disagree. Before you post a message, put yourself in the shoes of the recipient.
All topics in the group are open for three reasons: (1) we want open communication, (2) we want new members to participate in old discussions, and (3) there is no mechanism by which topics can be closed. For that reason, some topics may contain a large number of posts. As a check, when you post, make sure that you are addressing the original issue brought up, or that you are posting a clarification. In the exchanges, we sometimes forget the original issue, and end up going to tangential topics. If you see that you are responding to something unrelated to the original post, it would be best to open a new discussion. There is plenty of server space!
In the future, we will open new pages. If you have additional ideas to make this group even better, please let us know. Your responses and participation in the forum are most welcome!

(by Carlos for everyone)