Assistant Managers Needed

In case you couldn't tell, I am turning out to be much too busy this fall to read every single post you nice people write as I have been so faithfully doing for the past 3.5 years--”we all knew it would happen eventually--€”so, if you find yourself on the group regularly, I am hoping you will volunteer to be an official MSN Gregg Shorthand Group Assistant Manager by e-mailing your interest and credit card number to (just kidding about the credit card).
Don't worry, you don't need to be a Gregg expert (that's probably obvious); all that is asked is that you (a) pledge to further the Gregg Group mission with your every action:
To promote the use of Gregg systems of shorthand by providing advice to beginners, support for students and an association of users of this efficient, attractive and enjoyable method of writing.
And (b) enforce the two rules:
1.  Keep posts Gregg-related (somewhat enforced) i.e., delete spam and move Pitman discussions to the Anything Goes section.
2.  Keep posts kind (strictly enforced) i.e., require posts to be as sweet as a melted Slurpee when correcting or countering others.
Please don't volunteer in a reply to this post--€”wouldn't it be embarrassing if I didn't pick you and everyone knew it?  E-mail  Hope to hear from you!
Praise the Lord, I saw the light line!

(by johnsapp for everyone)